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Writing, writing, and writing

Critical Fandom
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Fannish discussion of writing on shows, films, books and comics
This is a place for:

Fannish discussion of media (TV, films, books, comics) which focuses on the quality, style, and execution of the writing.

Discussion of how information is fed to an audience, at what speed and through what means.

Questions about how particular effects were achieved in writing; about the craftsmanship involved.

Debate about how specific texts (TV, films, books, comics) could have been improved; whether extra scenes or fewer ones were necessary.

Discussion of dialogue, of adverb and adjective choice, of euphony, of authorial style, of pacing and of sentence lengths.

Questions about terminology are also welcomed.

This is not a place for:

Squee/critique of the plot events of any given text.

Squee/critique of the characters or world of any given text.

Discussion of the social issues raised by any given text (racism, misogyny, homophobia, whether blatant-from-the-characters or underlying in the choices made by the authors).

Speculation about the "message" intended by any given author or director, or about the message received by the reader.

Discussion of literary theory or literary/film theory critiques; this is not the place for feminist readings, queer theory, Marxist readings.

Talking about the social implications or moral lessons of any given text.

Squee/critique of representation of people or places in any given text.

If you want to do these things, metafandom has many posts and many communities linked where this kind of discussion is preferable.


1. If you think what you've posted may contain spoilers, put it behind an LJ cut reading "spoilers".
2. If someone posts spoilers without a cut, don't be a dick about it, just comment with "Yo, spoilers" or something.
3. If someone comments to tell you you've posted uncut spoilers, don't argue, just put an LJ-cut in. Seriously, it won't make any difference.

1. Don't be a dick.
1a. "Don't be a dick" covers "don't spout random pointless garbage about other posters, about the personal lives of writers; don't bang the politics drum, don't start fights, and don't insult people".
1b. If someone is being a dick to you, don't get into it, just PM a mod.
2. Try to avoid value judgements of the content and subject matter of the material being discussed; talk about the quality of the writing and what can be learnt from it or how it can be improved. It doesn't matter whether you like high school romances or important docu-drama about war, you go with the quality of writing and editing and not the content as much as possible.
3. It is okay to link back to a post on your own journal instead of duplicating it here, but please leave comments enabled on the community post so that members can discuss it without stampeding into your journal.

1. Posts which are off-topic and not cleared with the mods will be deleted.
2. Discussions which veer into the territory listed under "this is not the place for" will be frozen and the participants pointed toward ontd_f or whever is most appropriate for their discussion's continuation.

1. Post spoilers behind cuts.
2. Don't be a dick.
3. Talk about the writing, not the stuff being written about.