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apiphile wrote in criticalfandom
Andrew Rilstone: 9. Reward:
Christopher Vogler's the Writer's Journey uses Hero With a Thousand Faces as a template for Hollywood scriptwriting and has been taken seriously by a lot of people who should know better. He writes:

In his study of world hero myths Campbell discovered that they are all basically the same story – retold endlessly in infinite variations. He found that all story-telling, consciously or not, follows the ancient patterns of myth, and that all stories, from the crudest jokes [*] to the highest flights of literature, can be understood in terms of the hero myth; the "monomyth" whose principles he lays out in the book.

Does anyone have any examples of Hollywood (specifically Hollywood) films which deliberately buck the structure described in the diagrams there? Were they successful?

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I think you can force almost anything into this "monomyth", but that doesn't mean it really fits. I can't think of an example of a Hollywood film that doesn't fit (mostly because I don't really know what's Hollywood and what's not, exactly, but also because it's way too late at night to actually be thinking), but I'm sure there's got to be more than one.

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